History of the restaurant

Where it all began

The vaulted door has a pediment with a coat of arms and the letters “P:f”. The pediment of the restaurant’s front door shows the date 1679 and an engraved text ” God be seant with all peace in his house, the sacred goods for ever”. The poorly separated words can be explained by the fact that the tailor, often illiterate, did not know how to respect the spaces.

This building was certainly not a farm, because the large vaulted cellar over the entire length of the building (16 meters), was accessible, without stairs from the vaulted door, by doors allowing the passage of a cart. This made the historian Abbé Prince frome the Noirmont say that it was certainly the house of the Princes-Bishops’ Tithe. (Tax).

Moreover, the carved cornice separating the ground floor from the first floor confirms that this house had a noble status.

There are older houses in the Franches-Montagnes, 1518 in Muriaux, 1666 in Les Emibois, but their modest facade confirms their status as farms.

According to the document of the Office of Historical Heritage, dating from 1754, we can see that there was no cabaret (café) in the community of Muriaux.

Films shot at the Croix Fédérale in Muriaux

The Viennese-style restaurant room, which has not been modified since about 1920, has been chosen for the shooting of several films.

Pitschi Poi” (in Hebrew: The word given) was filmed in 1966.

Director: Roger Burkard

Actors : Georges Rouquier & Georges Wod.


La meute” was shot in 1980 Director: Yvan Butler

Actor: Bernard Born from the Jura


La mort de Mario Ricci” was shot in 1982

Director : Claude Goretta

Actors: Magali Noël & Gian Maria Volonté